My Award Show Rules and News

Alright folks, it’s the end of the year and when everybody is making their list of best and or favorite movies of the year (I will put that up when I finalize the list) it’s also the time to pick the best of the best when it comes to actors/actress, supporting roles, directors and more.

In my previous account I did just this. I did pretty much all the hard work and now it’s your turn. It’s pretty easy, vote for your favorite in the categories. It should be noted there are a lot of movies and a lot of people in those movies. There will be people or movies missing in the categories, please forgive me, it’s not because I don’t want those people on the list (because maybe you think they deserve to be at least in the winner’s circle) it’s because I just forgot. Obviously the lists are long so you can hopefully see why some people/movies would be missing.


1) You can vote up to 5 people/movies/fights (expect the Comic Book category you only 2 votes and the Animated category you get 3 votes)

2) You can vote as many times as you want but PLEASE DO NOT SPAM. It makes the wins more legitimate and spamming is just a dumb and selfish thing to do. If I feel that there is a spamming problem then I will stop all the voting and this will be canceled.

3) Voting will end Jan 7th (if I have a change of heart I will let all of you know)

4) Winners will be announced Jan 11th

The nominees will be up soon (most likely around Christmas time or Dec 25th for those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas) so once their up just start voting. Enjoy and if you can spread the word so we can get more votes and make this interesting then please feel free.

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