New Movie Ratings for the Year

Hello, everybody!

Another year is here, and that means new movies, which means new reviews! I know I’ve been lacking on the review department, but that’s something I’m going to change in 2020. So much so in fact, that I already have a review in the waiting, which is why I’m writing this. I’m changing my rating system!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do since last year, but just didn’t for some reason, so here it is. Gone are the number rating from zero to five, and in come some more understandable ratings.


Stamp of Approval – pretty self-explanatory right? The Stamp of Approval is basically replacing the 4.5 or 5 star rating. When a movie gets this rating, it’s me saying I LOVED it and highly recommend it to you, and you should get to the theater right away.

Recommend – This is replacing the 4 out of 5 rating. Recommend is for the movies that I, clearly, recommend you guys watching. They may not be my necessary favorites, but movies that most likely would potentially end up on my Honorable Mentions of the year.

Rental – This is basically the average rating of 3 and 3.5. These are movies that if you missed in theaters it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. And with that said, you can easily watch them at home and be okay with it.

Pass – Self-explanatory, again. These are the movies that I can’t personally recommend to anyone.

Run – So yeah, no one should watch these movies. Like, ever.


So here are the new ratings for the page. Let’s see how these go over.

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