New Podcast – Joel Schumacher, Margot Robbie in New ‘Pirates’ Movie, Michael Keaton as Batman Again? & More

Hello everybody!

A new podcast is – has been – out this week. It was a pretty busy week this week as it felt like a normal movie news week, with big movie news and trailers!

I talk about the mentioned movie news items, the new trailer for The King’s Man and Greenland. The movie news involving Colin Trevorrow, a reboot of a 90s classic and horror anthology, plus more!

So, check out the link below to get the link to your preferred listening service in Youtube, Apple Podcast or Stitcher.

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New Podcast – AMC Theaters, Candyman & More

Hello, everybody!

It’s been a while since I posted a new podcast episode on here. I apologize for that. But, here the newest podcast episode from today with topics like AMC Theaters opening up (they’ve since updated their view since recording), the new Candyman video, the passing of Ian Holm and much more. Follow the link to check out your preferred listen platform in Youtube, Apple Podcast or Stitcher.



New Podcast!

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve promoted the podcast on here, but the podcast has been going strong for a while now. This week I talk about the big dispute between AMC Theaters and Universal Pictures. Along with other movie news of the week as well. So check out the link down below to get your listening preferences – Youtube, Apple Podcast and Stitcher.


New Podcast – Oscars 2020 & Birds of Prey Thoughts

Hello, everybody!

The podcast is back, with a special early podcast where I talk about the 2020 Oscars; from the winners, stats and the moments. I also talk about the new film out in theaters Birds of Prey. Remember, you can listen to the podcast on multiple platforms like Youtube, Apple Podcast and Stitcher!


First Podcast of the Year – Movies of 2019, Birds of Prey & New Mutants Trailers, Doctor Strange 2 Loses Director & More

The first Movie Pit Podcast of the year is out!

I run down the Movies of 2019, which if you’re a regular reading here, you’ve probably already seen the list, BUT, in case you didn’t, now you can hear me say what I thought about the Movies of 2019. That list includes; Favorites, Honorable Mentions, Disappointments/Least-Liked, Surprises, Frustrating and Undecided Movies of the Year.


So click on the linktree link and take a listen on your preferred platform from Youtube, Apple Podcast or Stitcher!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Last Podcast of the Year – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler-Free Thoughts, Tenet and Top Gun: Maverick Trailers & More

Hello everybody!

Guess who keeps forgetting to put the podcast on here? THIS GUY! Sorry about that, everyone. I will be better when the podcast returns next year. That’s right, the title says it all, this is the last podcast of the year and I give my, admittedly scattered thoughts on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the newest trailers for Christopher Nolan’s new action thriller Tenet, Top Gun: Maverick and remake news on a classic film.

The podcast will return in a few weeks where I’ll give my thoughts on the films of 2019 – at least in podcast form with a co-host.

New Podcast – James Dean Controversy, The Invisible Man, The Batman & More

Hello, everybody!

I’ve been forgetting to let you know when the podcast is out, so my bad. That said, this week’s podcast is filled with the James Dean Controversy – oh, you don’t know about that? Oh, you’re in for a treat – the trailers for The Invisible Man, Bad Boys for Life, and Pixar’s newest film Soul. The casting of Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell in The Batman and some good news for Potterheads.

The podcast can be heard in multiple places like Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Stitcher. So, if you have a preferred listening site, take your pick by following the link and clicking on that.

Enjoy your weekend!

New Podcast – Birds of Prey Trailer, Martin Scorsese’s Comments, Tom Holland Begs for Spider-Man in the MCU & More

The Movie Pit Podcast is back!

The podcast took a break – went out of the country, which I briefly talk about on the podcast – but I’m back on the podcast grind. Remember, you can listen to the podcast on multiple platforms like Apple Podcast, Stitcher and Youtube. Enjoy the podcast everybody.


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New Podcast – It Chapter Two Thoughts, Trailers for Bad Boys for Life, Jojo Rabbit and Black Christmas & More

The Movie Pit Podcast is up!

I found a new way for you guys to choose where you want to listen. Mainly because the podcast is now on Stitcher! So if Youtube or Apple Podcast doesn’t do it for you. Stitcher is now that new outlet. I am working on a written It Chapter Two review as well, that should probably be out tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

New Podcast Episode – Disney/Sony Deal Dead; Spider-Man Out of the MCU, The Matrix 4 & More

The Movie Pit Podcast is back!

This week, and pre-recorded guest and I talk about the crap show that was the Disney and Sony Pictures deal coming to an end, effectively removing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also talk about the news of The Matrix 4 officially happening, and more!

Remember, you can listen to the podcast in two ways. On Apple Podcast, which if you do – yes, I’m going to be that person – leave me a review and rating.

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