Award Show Winners

So here we are again. With the Oscar nominations coming out it’s time to start raising your pitchforks in rage for the snubs that happened. However here YOU made the decision on who won or lost. While I didn’t get as many votes as the past two years I’ve done this there was a descent amount of votes. But, there was a lot of cases where there was a big tie so with those categories I’m going to name the winners but make a decision of my own to announce a winner. So let’s get things started

Now remember, instead putting that long list again I’m only going to put the nominees that actually got votes.

Best Animated

Nominees: Brave, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck-It Ralph

Winner: Tie

Thoughts: Since I started doing the “Show” (on my previous account) the animated category never really got a clear winner. Obviously things haven’t changed. I actually happened to watch these three movies and if you saw my “Best/Favorite Movies of the Year” list you know that Wreck-It Ralph was, at least in my opinion, the best animated movies this year. So if I played tiebreaker then Ralph would definitely get my vote.


Best Horror

Nominees: Paranormal Activity 4, The Possession, Sinister, The Cabin in the Woods

Winner: The Cabin in the Woods

Thoughts: No real complaints here. I loved Cabin in the Woods and not because I’m a big Whedon fan. I loved what they did for (and to) the horror genre.


Best Comic Book:

Nominees: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises

Winner: The Avengers

Thoughts: I think every comic book fan had a hard choice with this one. I loved both movies and both were very different in tone and in overall product so choosing one would be really tough.


Best Fight

Nominees: Skyfall: Bond vs Patrice (Tower)

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane vs Batman (Sewer)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Abraham vs Adam’s Vampires (Plantation)

The Avengers: Thor vs Iron Man vs Captain America, Haywire: Mallory vs Paul, Ted: John vs Ted

Winner: Ted: John vs Ted

Thoughts: I mean lets face it, it’s a teddy bear against an actual person and it’s going to be funny. I actually loved all the fights that were voted but if I had to add another to the list it would be the fights from The Raid (The Raid: Redemption in America).


Best Villain

Nominees: (Write In)Giovanni Ribisi – Ted

Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen – Django Unchained

Javier Bardem as Sliva – Skyfall

Kate Beckinsale as Lori – Total Recall

Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie – Django Unchained

Tom Hardy as Bane – The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hiddleston as Loki – The Avengers


Tom Hiddleston as Loki – The Avengers

Tom Hardy as Bane – The Dark Knight Rises,

Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie – Django Unchained

Thoughts: Three great choices and I loved all of them for multiple reasons. It was fun seeing Leo do something different from usual. If I had to add another it would be Bardem’s Sliva from Skyfall.


Best Supporting Actress

Nominees: Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen – The Hunger Games

Anne Hathaway as Fantine – Les Miserables

Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill – The Avengers

Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers – Prometheus

Naomie Harris as Eve – Skyfall

Winners: Tie

Thoughts: All of these ladies deserve some sort of recognition for their work in 2012. Hathaway seems to making waves and may end up winning the Oscar this year, while Theron played a very cold role in Prometheus


Best Supporting Actor

Nominees: Colin Firth as Bill Haydon – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch – The Hunger Games

Richard Jenkins as Sitterson – The Cabin in the Woods

Bradley Whitford as Hadley – The Cabin in the Wood

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson – The Avengers

Idris Elba as Janek – Prometheus

Michael Caine as Alfred – The Dark Knight Rises

Chuck Norris as Booker – The Expendables 2

Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz – Django Unchained

(Write In) Leonardo DiCarpio – Django Unchained

Winners: Tie

Thoughts: All great choices and not a single complaint from me. If I had to add in anybody it would be Alan Arkin in Argo and Bruce Willis in Looper.


Best Actress

Nominees: Gina Carano as Mallory – Haywire

Kerry Washington as Broomhilda – Django Unchained

Anna Hutchison as Jules – The Cabin in the Woods

Mila Kunis as Lori Collins – Ted

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy – The Amazing Spiderman

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle – The Dark Knight Rises

Anna Kendrick as Janet – End of Watch

Judi Dench as M – Skyfall

Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany – Silver Linings Playbook

Winners: Tie

Thoughts: The ladies of Hollywood always bring their A game and everybody here did that once again. I really enjoyed all of these performances and probably the highlights of this list are Hathaway’s Selina Kyle, Lawrence’s Tiffany and Dame Judi Dench as M.


Best Actor

Nominees: Michael Fassbender as David – Prometheus

Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez – Argo

Brad Pitt as Jackie – Killing Them Softly

Suraji Sharma as Pi Patel – Life of Pi

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln – Lincoln

Liam Neeson as Ottway – The Grey

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man – The Avengers

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America – The Avenger

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk – The Avengers

Winner: Michael Fassbender as David – Prometheus

Thoughts: The men have been stepping up their game and everybody on this list completely deserves to be here. Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln is obviously one of the frontrunners if not the favorite for the Best Actor as the Oscars.  Neeson gave a tremendous performances at the beginning of the year with The Grey and Downey will be Downey. But the winner is Fassbender’s equally tremendous performance as the android David in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.


Best Director

Nominees: Joss Whedon – The Avengers

Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight Rises

Mans Marlind/Bjorn Stein – Underworld: Awakening

Joe Carnahan – The Grey

James Watkins – The Woman in Black

Gary Ross – The Hunger Games

Drew Goddard – The Cabin in the Woods

Steven Soderbergh – Magic Mike

Rian Johnson – Looper

Ben Affleck – Argo

Henry Joost/Ariel Schulman – Paranormal Activity 4

Sam Mendes – Skyfall

Quentin Tarantino – Django Unchained


Joss Whedon – The Avengers

Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight Rises

Thoughts: Well this is interesting. A tie between two great directors and directors that made two of the best films of the year. Nolan gets a lot of love pretty much everywhere else but not at the Academy. This also gives Nolan’s second win here at my Award Show. He won two years ago now with Inception so Mr. Nolan is popular around these parts.


Final Thoughts: Thank all of you that voted this year. It was interesting to see who would pull through this year considering this year was a great year of movies. I’ll be doing this again at the end of this year so be on the look out for that at years end. Otherwise, be sure to stick around to check out Reviews, News, and other cool things happening here.


Best/Favorite Movies of the Year 2012

It’s that time of the year folks, where people like me list up their best/favorite movies of the year. I already did my list of my disappointing/worst movies of the year (go check it out) but now it’s time to put the list of movies that were my favorite. Past years I’ve done lists and I always had a “best” (best is like that because it’s my personal opinion) movie of the year but this year has proven to be difficult because for me there has been a lot of great movies this year. So instead of numbering the top ten or twenty, I’m just going to put them in alphabetical order.


First up, Honorable Mentions

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: I loved the book and when I saw the movie I understood why they made changes but part of me still felt like seeing some of the things they cut out make it to the big screen. Benjamin Walker did a fine job of playing Lincoln and the action sequences, more notably the so called “Waltz of Death,” were really cool to see.


Act of Valor: Many people had a lot to say about this movie. Praising its action sequence but not to fond on the acting despite not having real actors. I looked pass that and still found a lot of fun to have with the movie.


Brave: Pixar keeps impressing all of us with the way they keep making great animated films that really stick with us and the upgrade to all their animations. The movie was truly stunning visually and the story can really get you to at least tear up (don’t lie!)


Django Unchained: Tarantino has bought his A game once again but this time dealing with the topic of Slavery. The cast of Foxx, DiCaprio, Waltz and Jackson just pushed the movie over the edge. However, the length really bothered me and just about everybody but I still enjoyed it enough to make the list.


Flight: You can’t go wrong with Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis. The movie was very drama heavy and Washington did an amazing job, as always, playing up his character.


Haywire: From what I can remember this had some hype for the fact that it had Gina Carano making the jump from MMA to film. However, not a whole lot of people saw it which is a shame really because it was a really good movie. The fights really made this movie, more specially Carano and Fassbender’s hotel room brawl, and with Carano’s background, J.J Perry’s choreography and Steven Soderbergh’s directing ability they put on a hit. It also showed that Carano can hold her own and can be the next big female action star.


John Carter: Although not the heavy success that Disney hoped for at the box office, mostly do to bad marketing, I still found this highly entertaining and those that saw it agreed too. I hope Disney doesn’t quit on this potential franchise because it probably the most underrated movies this year.


Killing Them Softly: Would you think hit-men have problems like all of us? Well they do. Although that’s not the main point of this movie it does bring up some cool stuff besides what happens when you cross the wrong set of people (aka Gangsters). Brad Pitt also gave a terrific performance and the last minutes of the film just gave me chills.


Lawless: Filled with great performances by the whole cast, the film showed the highs and lows of making moonshine and the legend of the Bondurant Brothers. Besides the performance the movie was very beautiful to look at as well.


Lockout: Luc Besson has always made fun entertaining dumb fun action movies and this was another on to add to the list. Add Guy Pearce as the uncommon action hero and it was really fun to watch.


Premium Rush: This one kind of flew under the radar when it came out in late August but the movie was very entertaining and had a very cool concept behind it.


Prometheus: Just because it didn’t make my Best/Favorite movies side, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. I was able to look over the hype that A LOT of people put on this and I think that’s why a lot of were “disappointed” when they saw the movie. Looking past the hype the movie had fantastic performances by Rapace and of course Michael Fassbender.


Red Dawn: I know a lot of people were vocal when it came out that this would be remade. Then it got delayed due MGM financial issues and had to replace anything Chinese to North Korean because the Chinese film market is starting to become big for American films. Nonetheless, I still found this movie a lot of fun and had a good time watching. Also, the movie had lot things different from the original almost making it its own movie.


Seven Psychopaths: Martin McDonagh did a great job with “In Bruges” and followed it up with his great dark humor brutal action film. The performances by everyone like Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson made the movie that much better.


Sinister: When a movie starts off the way this one did, you know it’s going to be a creepy movie. Sinister pulled off the creep factor and what happens when you become obsessed with something too much.


The Amazing Spiderman: I think a lot of doubts were at ease when this finally came out. Although we never really saw the highly promoted “Untold Origin Story” the movie still was pretty good. Garfield’s Peter Parker was in my opinion better than Maguire’s and the chemistry between him and Stone’s Gwen Stacy really made the movie for me.


This Means War: I’m not going to lie I thought this wasn’t going to be any good but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Thankfully I was wrong. I had a real fun time watching this movie and laughed a lot.


The Possession: As much as it being a horror movie it was also a family drama and not in the normal horror movie sense of the word. It really dealt with how a broken family would pull together. Add in a creepy old foreign ladies voice, eerie lighting and I was very crept out.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: When you think of spy thrillers you probably think of Bond or Bourne movies but TTSS played it probably a little closer to what really happens. With a great British cast and compelling dialogue scenes it certainly was a good film.


Before you read the list I should point out movies that I’m pretty sure would have made the list (or at least a place on the Honorable Mentions) if I had seen them before I put out this list.

Sound of My Voice, Zero Dark Thirty (if it came out widely this year), Life of Pi, The Master, and Cloud Atlas


Now, it’s time for the best of the best. Remember these are in alphabetical order.

Argo: Based on the true story of how the CIA did indeed get people out of war torn country Ben Affleck proved he can be a great director no matter what you give him. Great scenes and suspense really made this movie one of the best this year.


Chronicle: A new fresh take (yes there is an Akira connections we get it) of what would happen if somebody got superpowers. Would they use it for good or evil? Josh Trank and Max Landis answered that with one of the most impressive superhero movies that doesn’t have the label Marvel or DC attached to it.


Dredd: A much more grittier and dark toned movie than the terrible Stallone version, it prove that the Judge Dredd character can make a great film. Although not a box office success the movie did find a pretty big following for those who saw it. Also it should be noted that Karl Urban did an amazing job with his Dredd and it also goes under the list of “Underrated movies of the year”.


End of Watch: I’ve been a big fan of David Ayer (writer/director of Harsh Times, director of Street Kings and writer of U-571, The Fast & The Furious, Training Day, S.W.A.T) for a while now. I really liked what he did with the camera work and how real and different this movie felt from his past cop films.


Goon: Probably one of my surprise pick/movie of the year candidate. Goon was not just a hockey comedy but also have some fun brutal action sequences.


Headhunters: Swedish crime thrillers are all the rage nowadays. Starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now this. However, the only thing that they have similar is that they are Swedish. But if you’re in to great crime thrillers, amazing twists, and some dark humor then you should definitely check this out.


Looper: Time travel movies are always a hard sell but Rian Johnson managed to bring a great film that just happens to have time travel. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis gave some of the best performances this year and bought a lot of depth to their characters which also made the movie a great character piece.


Lincoln: One of the hardest things for a historical fact based drama is keeping the audience interested because we already know the outcome. Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis’s terrific performance as Abraham Lincoln didn’t make that a factor at all. Truly one of the best films this year


Moonrise Kingdom: Wes Anderson has done yet another quirky film and I had a lot of fun watching this movie about young love.


Safe House: Another surprise pick of the year is one from new director Daniel Espinosa (Swedish film Snabba Cash) that stared Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. The trailers got me into watching it but the end result of the film was much more than I thought it would be.


Silver Linings Playbook: With great performances from the cast of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence the movie was a great story and funny. Not to bad for a movie I hardly knew nothing about.


Skyfall: The third of the Daniel Craig ‘Bond’ movies and probably one of the best. Craig has proven that he is the best Bond and had a great dark tone that made the movie more emotional and powerful.


Sleepless Night (aka Nuit Blanche): A great French film that proves how far a father will go for his love one in one night at club.


Ted: Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy and American Dad finally made the jump from the small screen to the big screen with this hilarious comedy that didn’t feel like a longer Family Guy episode but its very own thing.


The Avengers: It took almost five years to finally bring this ambitious adaptation of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” to the big screen. Of course who better to bring it than fan favorite nerd Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Serenity, Dr. Horrible). Besides the movie bringing everything some of us could ask for, it also set up the future of Marvel films or as Marvel is calling it “Phase 2.”


The Cabin in the Woods: Delayed for three years due to MGM financial troubles, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s much anticipated horror movie finally came out and for many it did not disappoint but for other it probably did. For me, one of the best things about this movie was its real “theme” and how they executed it but also the classic Whedon sense of humor.


The Dark Knight Rises: Arguably one of the best endings to a trilogy and one of the best trilogies to be made, Christopher Nolan made Batman cool again (at least on the big screen).


The Expendables 2: The movie was a lot more tongue-in-check then the first one and maybe for the best. With some over the top action and cheesier one-liners the movie was everything more than the first movie should have been.


The Grey: Although it came out at the beginning of the year, Joe Carnahan’s survival thriller is still easily one of the best of the year. Liam Neeson gives a tremendous performance as the lead dealing with the weather, other survivors and deadly wolves.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: A new trilogy is upon us and it’s off to a good start. I was not really that excited to watch this but I’m glad I did because it was way better than I thought it would be and I’m looking forward to what Jackson and Co. bring next. Also for a long movie it really just flew by.


The Raid: Easily one, if not the best, action movie this year. Filled with amazing and brutal fight sequences it became one of my favorite martial arts action movies ever.


Wreck-It Ralph: The best animated movie of the year is also the best video game movie that’s not based on an actual video game. Disney has managed to make another great animated movie (along with the short before the movie actually starts) with great animation and story.

Award Show Nominees


1) You can vote up to 5 people/movies/fights (expect the Comic Book category you only 2 votes and the Animated category you get 3 votes)

2) You can vote as many times as you want but PLEASE DO NOT SPAM. It makes the wins more legitimate and spamming is just a dumb and selfish thing to do. If I feel that there is a spamming problem then I will stop all the voting and this will be canceled.

3) Voting will end Jan 10th (if I have a change of heart I will let all of you know)

4) Winners will be announced Jan 11th




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Supporting Actress





Comic Book

Worst and Disappointing Movies of 2012

It’s that time of the year folks, where people like me list up their best/favorite movies of the year. But of course we can’t avoid talking about the movies we disliked, hated, or at least for a few movies were disappointed by. Here in this list you’ll be doing the latter. Remember we don’t have to agree and I know I’ll at least piss off one person (maybe).


Worst: Chernobyl Diaries

This movie had some things going for it. 1) It was a horror movie that was set in the middle of nowhere in a different country and that place was Prypiat. 2) The atmosphere and 3) It was produced and written by Oren Peli, creator of the Paranormal Activity series (I’m still a fan, expect for part 4).

The movie did have its moments but there came a point where I just didn’t care for any of the characters and by the end it felt almost like a big “F$%K You” to the audience.


Disappointing/Worst: Paranormal Activity 4

Hey speaking of Paranormal Activity it’s also on the list. Now, I have always been a supporter of the PA movies and liked that it worked as a horror movie without falling into the typical “gore and nudity” territory. But, at this point I did feel like they were just cashing in on their cow and watching this I knew they no longer have the same drive and heart they had with the first three.

Any sense of the story they tried to tell us was jammed in the last fifteen minutes and wasn’t explained or just said in a quick form of dialogue. Also, nothing really happened, even the few jump scares that the movie is known for (and pretty much what makes them scary) weren’t that good. Let’s just say for the first time in the last two years, I’m not looking forward to the new PA movie.


Honorable Mentions: The Aggression Scale and Dragon Eyes



The “I Have No Idea Where to Put Them” List

Total Recall

I think everybody disliked the idea of Hollywood redoing Total Recall especially when Len Wiseman was attached. Even though the movie did do many things differently from the Arnold version it still was just okay (I use that term very strongly). There was nothing really special about the movie and I felt the best part of the movie was Kate Beckinsale’s character.


Snow White and the Huntsman

I think some of you are thinking I put this on my list because I didn’t like the movie. When in fact I actually enjoyed the movie for the most part but there was something about the movie at random times where I couldn’t like it. I felt that the better parts of the movie involved anything with the Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth (nothing against Stewart, I don’t hate her as much as other people).

Possibility the best parts of the movie were the visuals that looked amazing with the gritty dark tone of the movie.


The Hunger Games

Now, this is one will definitely tick out a lot of people off but before you write something like “oh you just think it’s another Twilight” and to that I say NO. I’ve read the Collin’s books and liked them and with that said the movie captured, at least for me, only some of the strong moments from the book.

I, despite like a lot of people, actually liked that Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss and she did a good job of capturing the character for the most part. However, again the movie captured only some of the strong moments from the book and lacked on some of the others. I can also accept the fact that they had to change things because some things have to be changed when adapting a book into a movie. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the movie but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.


Taken 2

The first Taken took a lot of people by surprise and since then Liam Nesson has become the new action hero. When word got out that another was being made a lot of people were hesitant and thought, rightly so, “what can they do?” Well we found out the answer this year and the answer was…meh.

The idea of the fathers and brothers of the villains from the Taken 1 was pretty cool and to a point it actually worked but the final execution was a mixed bag. Nesson did a good job as always and even Maggie Grace had more to do but the movie failed to be as good as the first. However for me I think what made this movie disappointing was Oliver Megaton’s “direction.”